Custom Tees Direct

Print Your Own Custom T-Shirts

Custom Tees Direct is a premier print-on-demand service that empowers you to unleash your creativity. With their intuitive online designer tool, you can craft your own unique shirt designs effortlessly. Alternatively, you can seamlessly upload your own designs and trust their experts to bring them to life with precision printing. Experience convenience at its finest as they handle everything from production to doorstep delivery.


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Custom Tees Direct

The process

For this project, our aim was to establish a diverse product catalog spanning men, women, toddlers, and infants, with a focus on user-friendly navigation and clear visibility of customizable options. Additionally, we integrated a customized online designer tool, empowering customers to create their own merchandise or upload existing designs.

Our process commenced with a comprehensive understanding of the client's goals, followed by the provision of all necessary tools to achieve a functional end product, all while remaining within the client's budgetary parameters.

The Results

  • Web Design: We opted to streamline the homepage design for Custom Tees Direct, ensuring it stands out while prominently featuring the straightforward 3-step process for placing custom shirt orders.
  • Multi-Level Navigation: Our focus was on enhancing user experience, allowing customers to effortlessly browse and filter through the extensive range of available apparel styles. We implemented a multi-level navigation system, enabling users to quickly find and customize their preferred products.
  • Web Development: We developed a customized e-commerce platform and product catalog for Custom Tees Direct, integrating custom color filters and high-quality product images. This ensures a visually appealing and seamless shopping experience for customers, enhancing engagement and conversion rates.